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Elza Louise

42 years old Grand Anse Praslin
“Up till now, I see nothing wrong with what President Danny Faure is doing. I grew up in the Party and so far I have never been disappointed by its leaders. I would like my children to follow in the same footsteps. Today if I have a house, which I can call my own, it is thanks to this government. I want to see my children also benefit one day.
We are neglected by our MNA who never comes to visit anyone or helps anyone. The US representative is totally different. We see him often and he is helpful to everyone. The next time around, we will elect an MNA who does not only speak, but also act.”


Jean-Phillipe Esther

Jean-Phillipe Esther from Praslin is 20 years old. He works with the Ministry of Environment as a Climate Adaptation Officer. He completed his studies last year and is fresh on the job.
“I am satisfied with the work our President is doing. He is working for all Seychellois, irrespective of your political opinion. He ensures that he delivers. Our former Presidents also delivered, but Mr. Faure’s Presidency is different. He is working on another level which I believe will bring our nation closer to unity.
I am a supporter of United Seychelles because of its principles. The Party does not leave anyone behind. It ensures that all Seychellois gets the opportunity to move forward in life. In United Seychelles, we have the confidence that our country will never regress. It will continue to progress and always remain high on the world map. To me, US is the only political party in Seychelles capable of doing it. That is the reason for my support.
My wish is to see the country improves the standard of living of all Seychellois. We, the youths of Seychelles, should never make the mistake of putting the reign of our country into the hands of the Opposition. They are not coming to do any good for us. They want to use power not for the prosperity of the nation, but as a tool for revenge. They will destroy all our hard work and we will later regret it. Let us say thank you for the political party which has changed the fabric of our society and give our country a positive image. The world does not regard Seychelles as a dark place, but one where there is hope. If we confide in the Opposition in the coming Presidential Election, 42 years of hard work will be lost. I, for one, do not want to experience slavery or extreme poverty. Let us give President Danny Faure the support to move the country to yet a higher level.”

Julina Jeannevole

Julina is aged 60. She works as a Principal Technician in a pharmacy. She is also the Chairperson of the Women’s Caucus in United Seychelles.
“I am really satisfied with the work of President Danny Faure. When I go through bad times, I have no difficulty to relate my problems to him. He is someone to whom you can speak. He is doing a lot to change all the negative elements in our society.
My parents were supporters of SPUP, now United Seychelles. I will also support US because I have seen for myself what the Party has done and is still doing. 23 years ago, I lost my husband so I had no one by my side since I have neither sisters nor brothers. It was the party which helped me maintained my children. At the time it was Mr. Faure himself who was the Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly. He assisted me with a small sum of money every month so that I can raise my children. Even if I sometimes go through difficulties because of my support for the Party, I will continue to do so. I have deep gratitude for Mr. Faure and United Seychelles.
United Seychelles needs to be in total control of politics in the country for it to continue moving forward. Since the 2016 National Assembly Elections in which LDS won by 15-10, I have not been impressed by what I have seen. Previously we were receiving help from the government in times of need. Nowadays it is no longer the case and we can all understand why. Without a US Government it is the less vulnerable who shall suffer the most consequences.
Our Party should continue helping its supporters. Do not allow them to get punished because of the present political situation. Since I bought a plot of land, I have been promised a road, but to date I am still waiting for it to be built. Someone once told me that the road will not be built because I am an active member of United Seychelles. Is that fair?”

Dorothy Onezime

Dorothy Onezime is 44 years old. She is from Amitie, Praslin and works as a Carer. At the moment she is receiving sick-leave benefits because of an injury.
“I am observing and trying to see exactly what President Danny Faure is doing. So far, so good. There is really no better choice out there.
I have supported the Party since its creation in 1964. I do not say that everything is rosy in Seychelles. But what I do know is that it is the only Party on which the nation can rely.
I am a little bit confused today because you hear all sorts of stories. But my wish is to see politicians in this country become more serious. At times I fear for the future of my children after I am gone.”



Judy Mambe

Judy Mambe 34 year old Judy is from Grand Anse Praslin. She is a Sales Assistant in a Car Rental business.
“To tell you frankly, I am truly happy with the Presidency of Danny Faure. United Seychelles is the only political party in which I can trust for the future of my children. I can also see my own future with United Seychelles.
I would like to see more development in the country for our youth. We should continue to cultivate unity as well.”


Odila Lablache

Odila is 81 years old.
“President Faure is doing an excellent work for our nation. I PE TRAVAY FOR.
I was a member of SPUP. It changed name, I’ve remained until now. No one will be able to change that. Only death will do us part.
I must to live to see what President Faure will be able to do more for Seychelles. We’ve known three presidents from US and each has done excellent work. President Faure presently on his third year, after taking over from President Michel, is a promising person



Yuta Capricieuse

“The work of President Danny during the last 3 years has been great. I have always been a supporter of United Seychelles, formerly SPUP, SPPF and Parti Lepep. My wish is to see our Party always in power to give us Seychellois the high quality of life we have known over more than 40 years.
In 2020, I will support Danny Faure all the way. I want to ask all my Seychellois compatriots to do the same.”




Hibernia Lemiel

“Having reached this age, I will not contemplate voting for any other political party except the one I have always supported throughout my entire life time. I love President Danny Faure and United Seychelles.
I have known my parents as great supporters of the Party and I intend to continue the family tradition. I will die a US supporter.”



Rosita Pharabeau

72 years old Amitie Praslin.
“President Faure is performing excellently as President, especially for those who are most disadvantageous in society. As a political party, United Seychelles also represents the future of Seychelles. Since 1964, I have believed in Mr. Albert René. During the march from Anse aux Pins to Victoria, I was by his side. In all the debates between SPUP and the Democratic Party and the rallies, I was always there. During the time of President James Michel, I was still there. Now with President Danny Faure, I am still here. In my view, there is no other political party that can lead this country apart from US.
United Seychelles needs to continue working for the people of Seychelles. It needs to put our country further ahead. It is a political party that can guarantee this nation a peaceful existence. It is not a political party of scandals and rumours. So in 2020, let us all rally behind President Danny Faure. Let us back him up.


Naomie Jeannevol

Naomie Jeannevole 21 years old Student at Seychelles Institute of Technology (SIT)
She is in her third year of studies.
“Since President Faure has come to power, he has been backing his words with actions. He has proven that he can work even with an opposition majority in the National Assembly. He has also worked for all Seychellois.
I am a supporter of United Seychelles because first of all, I was raised in an SPUP family. I have seen how far the Party has brought the country. I believe that I will continue to support the Party because it is one of unity. It is ready to welcome all Seychellois on board.
As a youth, especially on the eve of the 2020 Presidential Election, I would like to advise my colleagues to make a wise decision. They should vote for someone with a proven track record of good governance and someone with a heart for all Seychellois. They should also vote for someone with a vision for the future and who is not obsessed with the past.”