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Below is an exchange of correspondence done through the Party newspaper ‘The People’ between two friends; one living on Praslin and one on Mahe, which basically summarise the political context of the past three years.
In the 60s, such correspondence were introduced in our Party’s mouthpiece to illustrate the political situation of that period.
The two friends will appear under pseudo names, Jeanne and Marcel.

Dear Jeanne,

Thank you for the rather long letter last week, which I enjoyed reading. We have just had a long weekend, including Monday, the National Day and 44th independence anniversary.
From Plaisance I drove through Victoria. Our small beautiful capital was very quiet, unlike previous years. I felt so sad, thinking of all the hundreds of thousands of people who have died worldwide from the dreaded pandemic.
So, I did like you, I suppose, watched TV quite a lot. SBC aired some interesting programmes about the occasion. It also interviewed various people about their impressions of Seychelles after 44 years of independence.
The feeling was unanimous. We have made tremendous progress. I particularly loved to hear from our President, who was only 14 in 1976.
There was also this Seychellois who is well-travelled and lived for a while in Canada. He was very enthusiastic about developments in Seychelles. He appears to be particularly impressed by housing estates, which he stated look more comfortable compared to those in UK.
It is good to hear people from overseas talk about Seychelles from a positive perspective. So unlike others, who can only reminisce of the vast plantation coconut plantations, which Government wisely acquired to re-distribute land among the poorer Seychellois. Can you imagine, that 15,000 plots from the state Land Bank have since been re-distributed among Seychellois families.
I could not help but laugh when Entel in his National Day Message, recalled that ‘thanks to our leaders of the time’, we achieved independence which brought so much progress. He appears so refractory to mention the late President Albert René, who spearheaded the struggle for nationhood.
Jeanne, perhaps you remember that there were political leaders at the time who opposed independence and even sang songs ridiculing that very notion at their party meetings.
But let bygones be bygones. Since independence, we have recorded one success after another. Seychelles has risen from an isolated backwater in mid-Indian Ocean to an emerging island developing state with a high income status.
From a country, where most homes had only pit latrines, Seychelles presently boasts one of the highest home ownerships worldwide- over 75 per cent.
It is a real pity that the COVID pandemic had to stop our nation’s onward march. Just when we thought we were COVID free, some West African mariners have tested positive and there we are again.
I have noticed that not so many people are willing to appear before the TRNUC. To me, it is a lot of statements and contradictions. Everyone appears to be passing the buck. Some keep shooting themselves in the foot.
The good doctor, despite opposition from his talkative son, just could not resist another appearance. This time he said that as Planning and Economic development Minister, he was astonished to hear President René announce the demolition of ‘kan poul’ at Anse aux Pins. In its place a modern housing complex now stands, as well a shopping area.
In the days of ‘Kan Poul’, which along with Corgat Estate, were the only housing estates built prior to 1977- tenants had to wade in raw sewage to get to their beds. Jeanne, you can figure the misery of most Seychellois families in those days.
This week came a former top official of the Lands Department with documentary proof that showed that the mother of the Adeline brothers, Mrs. Jumeau had consented to a sale of her land at Anse Kerlan for R 385,000.
They, especially the most vocal one, who had boasted that his dad, Berthie once slapped Mr. René will probably dream up other stories to tell. Why don’t people sweat for their living?
There was also the late Ricky Hermitte’s mom who blamed police complacency for her son’s demise. She named several officers, but not her own brother- wasn’t he a police officer at the time? Being economical with the truth, like the great doctor?
Jeanne, you must have heard on SBC News about the vaccine against the Coronavirus. It is not the first time, we hear that. We can just hope for the best.
Jeanne, I hope that you managed to get some rest and relaxation over the weekend

Fond thoughts,