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Below is an exchange of correspondence done through the Party newspaper ‘The People’ between two friends; one living on Praslin and one on Mahe, which basically summarise the political context of the past three years.
In the 60s, such correspondence were introduced in our Party’s mouthpiece to illustrate the political situation of that period.
The two friends will appear under pseudo names, Jeanne and Marcel.

Dear Jeanne

Thank you very much for last week’s letter from Praslin. As is the case with me, you seem to be following events on the political scene quite well.
The situation is evolving rapidly, especially with that terrible COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world and has now reached our shores.
Unfortunately, it appears that some persons are bent on frustrating Government’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus. There are those unpatriotic individuals who take to the social media maliciously alleging that 1,500 Seychellois are infected.
I am sure Jeanne, that their objective is to stir panic and confusion amid our population.
Jeanne, as if that is not enough, we have the Opposition leader walking out of the National assembly, just because the ministers were so busy with the planning of our efforts to combat the problems to show up for interrogation by him.
So, Ramkalawan believes that he has a secret formula to curb COVID-19. That is a complete lockdown or curfew for two weeks.
Must I remind him that Italy, the worst hit European country and also worldwide, had declared a lockdown on March 10. Instead of helping to ease the pandemic, it soared to the heaviest infection rate and death toll in the world- standing provisionally at over 75000 deaths and 80,000 infections. After complete lockdown, as advocated by Ramkalawan, Italy is just overwhelmed.
It is also interesting to note that Ramkalawan has once again revealed his hypocrisy. After his fanatical supporters have been abusing Public Health Commissioner Dr. Jude Gedeon on social media, there he was at Tuesday’s sitting, proposing a round of applause for him.
Really, a leopard never changes its spots.
Jeanne, you must have heard a drug story recently.
A close relative of mine, who was a police officer at the time and was part of the squad who effected the arrests, tells me that there was a cannabis garden, which was uprooted by the mother in the presence of the police.
A consignment was also found in the lady’s handbag. In a nutshell, she was prosecuted before the magistrate’s court and convicted.
There was nothing untoward in the arrest. In the recent past, so many drug traffickers have been claiming victimization. I know one who drives around in a flashy jeep.
A great pity about the pandemic. Though Seychelles has registered few cases, the Government is right not to take things lightly. It will mean hardly any tourists and the possible closure of so many hotels.
Anyway, I am convinced that once we overcome the hurdles, tourism and the economy will bounce back.

Have a good weekend with the family on Praslin