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For most Seychellois, life after September 2016 is described as a mad race- especially since many people are being directly or indirectly hurt by the despotic decisions of an LDS majority in the National Assembly.

By now, the people have realized the challenges they face after they have elected the opposition to a position of power. For a while some people thought that the opposition and their monkey business was a problem solely for United Seychelles.
But then, the predictable and ruthless opposition-led LDS made it about everybody. The vitriol unleashed on many of us in such a short time has left the majority astounded.
But maybe the time is now for us as a people to sidestep the opposition. It is the only way for us to progress as a country and people.

Focus on the positives

Since the first election after independence when we elected a president from SPPF (1979) till 2015 with Parti Lepep- we’ve always had a government, with both the Executive and National Assembly coming from our Party. In September 2016, the people decided to elect the opposition in the National Assembly.
It didn’t take long for hell to break loose in our dear sweet paradise we call home. In some countries, hell is a conflict or a war and in other cases a famine or any other crisis.
But for us, hell means amateur politicians threatening our fragile economy and our peace and unity with the little power they’ve got.
Arrogance, causing humiliation and bulling whether they are moral failings or political methods, are considered as acts of ‘war’ on our achievements as a country and people.
We praise God that we have a remarkable man leading this country. He is a President, who has inherited all the very good qualities that have enabled us to develop as a country and people. He knows what are at stake, which is why he made the ultimate sacrifice.
Our country has become the envy of the world as a result of the hard work based on a vision and principles established since 1964. The vision modernizes to empower and facilitate our country to further develop but the sacred principles are uncompromised.
President Faure has learned from the best. He learned from a man who created the new (Seychellois) man in a new society (after 1977) based on equality and justice. He was none other than France Albert René.
The people should not waste time with the opposition now. Our newspaper does its best educate the people politically and socially, therefore the people should use this education to focus on the positive work that the government under the leadership of President Danny is doing for them and the country.
If like him, we put the country first, our family first, we shall not be deterred by few individuals who collectively are nothing but obstructionists in their quest for total power.
They want total power to become richer but they will also bring about a new system. That is because they are against the principles and policies that have guided our government for the past 42 years. There is no better ways. Any other way will be the opposite, which is tantamount to inequality and discrimination.
President Faure, similarly United Seychelles, know that everyone should experience the same help on the way- everyone should meet with the same difficulties and everyone should achieve what he can. We all know that all cannot be expected to achieve the same goal.
We all know that there will always be masons, labourers, carpenters, lawyers, nurses, doctors, dentist, etc. We know that the more intelligent people will attend University and become professionals, whereas the more courageous perhaps will become fishermen and others still may prefer to devote themselves to cultivating the land to feed our population. But in United Seychelles, we believe in a society that allows everybody in the country to develop himself according to his ability.
In our struggle as a nation that continues, with the purpose of maintaining this prosperous country, which is performing well economically and socially, we have to remain team players- loyal Seychellois.

Supremacy of United Seychelles

Today, the supremacy of United Seychelles is undisputed in this delicate political atmosphere. This supremacy is spelt in our new Constitution, designed by the people aspiring to see continued hard work, transparency and posterity of the Party and country.
In President Danny Faure, we can also see vigour and strength behind his determination to make use of the position he is in, to politically, economically, socially and culturally achieve one goal; continued progress, peace and unity for Seychelles and every Seychellois.
He is intelligent and strong in ideas and actions enabling him to forge ahead with his programme and to repulse any attempt to usurp the rights of the people by an opposition led Assembly. We commend the leadership, the members of government and all the workers of this country who are contributing their share towards implementing the aims and objectives of the country and people in general. We all aspire to see more prosperity for our country.
It is extremely sad, that a group of Seychellois elected by the people to do the right thing, do not feel compelled to do what is expected of them. Their personal agenda tops the agenda of the people.
It is somewhat true that we were born and conditioned to the system where money equaled privilege and power. Therefore the more money one had more privileges and power to him. For 55 years, our Party has fought hard and replaced this system with the principles of opportunities for all.
What we need to tell LDS is that the system our Party adopted in 1977 cares for the people as a whole, rather than for the bank balances of a few.
Many people think that it is an uphill struggle to change the mentality of those who refuse to see that the opposition is bringing back persecution among our people when they use unfounded criticisms, propagandas and boycotts. But for the majority of people, they know of the small group of people in our country who have always preferred the old society and they would do everything to bring it back.
They continue to manipulate the minds of the weak and gullible. They won’t succeed.
We will succeed because a few individuals do not represent the wishes of the majority who have either lived yesteryears or know our history. We will succeed with the majority of people who know that we are one and the same and we prefer progress.
It is why we are still in favour of a free education system to provide equal chances for all our children. We are still in support of free and equal medical services to all Seychellois.
The workers’ salaries will always get a raise as the country continues to do well economically. We shall always put into place laws to protect the workers against any form of exploitation and through the union educate them on their rights and responsibilities.
The elderly and incapacitated will always get a pension as long as this caring government is in power, as a right and not as charity and widows and orphans are covered too. We believe that those who can afford must contribute for those who are in need, it being the duty of our society to see that none of its members are left behind.
Our families are building their own homes and for those who cannot do it on their own, the government continues to build homes for them.

Seychelles has one of the highest home ownership in the world at over 75%

Our economy is diversified and opened with the help of IMF and World Bank. It may not be visible but the people have always participated in national decision-making- one way or the other. Government as well as the Party has always believed in consultations.
As a nation we have given ourselves a sense of national pride and direction. We know what we want and where we are going.
Our progress as a country and people is major- we’ve come a long way and our vision determines the direction we are on. Our impressive achievements by all standards are due to a dedicated team of people in government and most importantly the leaders.
Coming from our Party, the leaders are taught to be hardworking, caring and compassionate, visionary, fearless and attainable. With our Government and Party, the sky is the limit for every Seychellois who grabs the opportunities.
We know we are not there yet. Right now, the government is doing its share but to reach the goal we are aiming for depends on every one of us- our work and our attitude towards it and towards our motherland.
The stage has been set. Let us take up the challenge to steer ahead in positivity. Our leaders in government, especially President Faure, will continue with determination to maintain the gains of this country and build more.
It is the duty and responsibility of every Seychellois to support him in that direction.
Anyone, especially one who has a position of power, who refuses or fails to do so, we repeat he or she is an obstructionist.
As a people we are the power and we need to stay on the right track. We need to keep the peace and unity. We need to look out for each other.
In that way, no one dares use any of us for their personal goal- which is to get more privilege and power to give us a new reality. The people have decided that we are all for one and not each for himself.