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President Danny Faure is working for all Seychellois, but he can be best described as a “warrior for the middle class”. He puts emphasis on the social sectors which include health, education, housing, employment and welfare benefits.

He also connects with people who are helping him deliver for the Seychellois. He visits them at their work places and gives them encouragement to also press on. Yes, the future rewards those who press on.
Some of them share their opinion on their first encounter with President Faure last Saturday on Praslin.

We should not allow politics to consume our lives

Vanessa Lesperance
Vanessa is 27 years old. She has worked with the Ministry of Employment for 8 years.
“For the time I have been here I can say that I am 80% satisfied. Like I say, I have 8 years with the Ministry and it is the first time we’ve been graced by a president’s visit. It shows us that we are getting his support. Our country is a small one, therefore it is important to get such kind of support.
I hope Seychelles continues along the good path we are on and Seychellois do not allow it to regress. We should not allow politics to consume our lives. We must try our best to work in harmony with each other. People in all ministries need to work together for the future of Seychelles.”


Let us turn over the pages of the past

Daryl Alcindor
Daryl Alcindor is a 26 year old resident of Praslin. It is one year since he has been in this job. But it is 7 years since he graduated.
“I am doing something which I have always dreamt of doing one day. The government has done a good thing in building this infrastructure and open a branch of this Ministry here on Praslin. I would have been further ahead if I was able to get this job earlier. I know many students on both Praslin and La Digue who have not get jobs after they graduated. They get discouraged. The next thing yyou hear some fall into drugs and alcohol. As we deliver as employees, we need to get something in return. It doesn’t necessarily mean money. It can be through other incentives as well.
The visit of the President in our workplace is historic. It is the first time, I get this privilege. Possibly some other workers are lucky to see him on a frequent basis. But for me, it has not been the case. The last time I saw a President in person was when I was 18 years old. Not in all countries people get the chance to meet their President.
I would like to see Seychelles become more lively and beautiful, just like our flag. As a nation we have a lot of potentials to make our country become the most successful in the Indian Ocean and on the African continent as well. We have the ability and resources to make it happen.
We are at a crossroad and we do not know what next year will bring for us. But I would like to see Seychellois live peacefully. Just remember we have a God above. We cannot only think in terms of becoming President and hold high offices on earth. Politicians are friendly towards one another. We, the supporters, also have to be mature and respect one another. Let us turn over the pages of the past. We are living today, so it is time to move forward.

I would like to see Seychelles develop further

Debbie Maillet
Debbie is 22 years old and works at the Land and Waste Management Agency (LWMA) as an inspector. She has been in the job for 1 year.
“During the time I have been here, I can say that I am satisfied with everything. I have benefited a lot with the agency. I am satisfied with the training we have had on Mahe and the opportunities we are now getting on Praslin.
It is the first time the President has visited our office. I see it as a good thing. It motivates us as government employees. He has shown us that he is pleased with the way we are working. It encourages us.
I would like to see Seychelles develop further and that its people remain united. Let us not allow politics to divide us.”


We need to have one common goal

“Marie-Liza Lesperance
She has been an Immigration and Civil Status Officer on Praslin for 5 years. So far, she feels satisfied with her job which she says has provided her with opportunities to develop. She has learned new procedures relating to the functioning of government.
“The visit of the President in my workplace is very important. It is an opportunity for him to see how things enfold here. We have been able to also discuss with him areas where we feel need improvement, especially with regards to procedures in transactions taking place between Mahe and Praslin.
My wish for Seychelles is that we put everything into the hands of God first and foremost. I would also like to see all Seychellois unite and work together for our own benefits. We need to have one common goal.”

The President’s visit has touched me a lot

Sophie Vel
She is from Grand Anse Praslin and works as a cashier in the Immigration Office
“I have only 5 months in the job and so far I am satisfied with it. As you see, I am new and have started to learn everything here. The visit of the President has touched me a lot. He has been able to see how we operate and the different cases we are dealing with. As a young person, I would like to see the Seychellois nation progresses and more development taking place on Praslin. I am eager to learn more about the work I am doing through those who have been here before me. I would like our generation to take over when they leave. Then we will pass on our experiences to the next generation. In such a way Seychelles will keep on improving.”



Do not allow ourselves to become divided as a nation

Roselina Francois
Roselina is a 34 year old resident of Grand Anse Praslin. She has nine years in employment.
“I am quite satisfied with my work. There are obviously certain things to improve. But we can cope. Like one of my colleagues has said, it is the first time we have been visited in our workplace by a President.
My wish for all Seychellois is that we do not allow ourselves to become divided as a nation. We must continue to work peacefully.”


I would like to see the people become more united

Pascalina Rose
Pascalina Rose is 27 years old. She has 8 years in employment at the Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH) as a Housing Officer.
“During all those years I have been here, I have accumulated plenty of experiences and knowledge in different fields in the Ministry. I am still learning new things. So I am satisfied with my job.
It is the first time that I have had the opportunity to meet the President and I am really glad. I hope he will address all the concerns we have related to him.
For the future of our country, I would like to see the people become more united. We must put God first in our lives. We as workers must work in such a way as to make our country progress. I feel that on Praslin, we are left behind as far as development is concerned. The government needs to cater a little bit more for our youths especially.


I was really joyful when I met my President during his visit

Jessica Farabeau
Jessica is 22 years old and works at the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC). She has one year in employment.
“For my first job after Post Secondary Education, I am really satisfied. As you may know, it is very difficult to get a job on Praslin because all workplaces in the field in which I was trained had maximum staff already. The field is saturated. So I spent 6 months without a job, until I came here at SCR. Since coming here, I have had plenty of opportunities. I have gone on training to improve my knowledge in the field.
I was really joyful when I met my President during his visit. He is very interested in what we are doing. He told us that if we have any problem, we can communicate directly to him and he will try his best to fix it.
When we finish school on Mahe, it is difficult to get employment on Praslin. I wish that the situation can be made easier. Only three of us from my cohort of students have been able to secure employment so far. We cannot work on Mahe because it becomes difficult for us as we have to find a place to stay as well. I hope that in future when Praslinois students return home, there are jobs for them.
I would like to see the Seychellois people, young and old, come together. We must not be divided. We are a small island and everybody should walk together along the same path. Since I started to watch members of the National Assembly each pulling their different ways, I have stopped following the deliberations. It is not what I want to see for the country.”

President pays attention to young people

Rama Ladouce
Rama is a 29 year old resident of La Digue. He has 8 years in employment at the Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH).
“I am happy with my job. There are five of us in our department. The only problem is that we do not get the opportunity to go on courses to develop ourselves. During the 8 years in service, it is the first time we have had a Presidential visit. The things we have been able to discuss for the future are encouraging. We have had the possibility to make him aware that we feel a bit neglected. I hope his visit will change things for the better. I am saying that in good faith.
I would like to see young people get the opportunities to develop their potentials after finishing school. I would also like to see those on substance abuse get out of this bad habit for the good of our country. We have a President who pays special attention to young people. We, on the other hand must not disappoint him in his efforts.”

I hope God will continue to bless our country

Karen Bristol
Karen Bristol, 40 years old, will in February 2020 have 5 years of service with the Pension Fund. Before she spent 6 months at the Praslin Holiday Home, then she was transferred at the main office.
“Oh Yes! I am very satisfied with my job. I personally do not like changing jobs time and again. Everything is fine for the time being. I am really glad today the President of the Republic, Mr. Danny Faure, has visited us. Such things do not happen so often. It is a source of encouragement for us. We hope that he comes often to continue encouraging us. I hope with the grace of God our nation will come out the way we want it to do. I also hope God will continue to bless our country. I love it, but only on the economic side life things are a little bit tough. If we work on the lower salaries we can bridge the existing gap between us and the higher income earners. In the shops everything is sold at the same price to everybody. Probably those high income earners are not feeling the heat as we do. If it was not for some Indian merchants who are willing to sell goods on credit, probably there would have been instance whereby families would not be able to afford a meal. I would like to see a more balanced situation between those who earn less and those who earn more.”


I hope that our country will always stay blessed

Nicolette Esther
Nicolette Esther 30 years is Contribution Officer at the Pension Fund. She has 8 years in the job. She was a receptionist before.
“I am really satisfied with the job. It is the first time during my 8 years of employment that I have had the privilege to meet with a President. I am really glad that President Danny Faure has paid us a visit. I hope that our country will always stay blessed and that President Faure continues to work hard as he is presently doing.”



Stop the partisan politics in work places

Marie-Celine Roselie
With 39 years of service, Marie-Celine is the most senior officer of the Civil Status on Praslin.
“I like working with members of the public and during the long years I have been here, I have developed a good rapport with them. It is precisely the good rapport that has kept me here for so long. Therefore, I am satisfied with my job.
Before I was working on Mahe and there was more pressure. Then I asked to be transferred here on Praslin. Many foreigners come to get married here and I get along with them very well. I have the patience it takes to work with them. I will definitely continue the job until it is time for me to go into retirement. What President Faure is doing is good. He is visiting all work organisations a least once a year. There are times when there are minor difficulties in an organization which cannot be communicated at a certain level. So his visit provides the opportunity to do so at the highest level with the assurance that they will be addressed. You don’t have to wait two or three months for an answer or go on strike.
All ministries should complement the work of the other. We should stop the partisan politics attitude in work places. We are all here to deliver in such a way as to make Seychelles prosper as a country.