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Steven Baccus is "the most-decorated Seychellois athlete in the 40-year history of the Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG)". He has been participating in the Games since 1998, where he has been successful every time. Baccus started weightlifting since he was 17 years old, and has been very consistent and disciplined in this sport ever since. ‘The People’ met with this dedicated athlete only 4 days before he leaves for ‘All Africa’ games in Morocco.

TP: How are you feeling after your latest accomplishment in ‘Jeux des Iles’ (Mauritius)?

SB: I am very proud of myself. I have done something that no one could ever achieve. I’m very happy with my results.

TP: What does it all mean for you?

SB: For all the struggles and hard work, I feel that this is a great accomplishment for me.

TP: What were your expectations before going to the Game?

SB: In my mind, my target was to get 3 gold medals but I expected very tight competitions. I managed to stay focused and to be positive.

TP: Is your accomplishment something personal, or there has been a team behind you who have helped in turning your story into a successful one?

SB: Well of course, my families and friends but my coach was the one motivating me to train harder and harder every day.

TP: Have you achieved your goals, or do you have other ambitious ones?

SB: Not yet, my goal is to participate in 7 ‘Jeux des iles’ but for now I participated in only 6. Hopefully in 4 years I can make myself and Seychelles proud once again.

TP: How is the preparation For Zwe Lafrik?

SB: Very difficult. This is because as a weightlifter you have to rest after such competition. Since the ‘Zwe Lafrik’ is close it is very tight but I’m trying to manage it and do my best.

TP: Are you targeting a gold medal? What is the probability of that happening?

SB: Definitely no! Because a competition like this is very difficult. I will be competing against professionals for example countries like Cameron and Ghana they have competitors that are really experienced and very good compared to us. I’m only aiming for records and to do my best. And also to note that from ‘Zwe Lafrik’ they are choosing the best for Olympics.

TP: How has been the Nation’s reaction to your success?

SB: There are a lot of hypocrisy out there but mostly appreciation from those who are proud of me. Some people don’t like to see you achieving what you want but I really don’t accept negativity.

TP: What can you do to help sport progression in Seychelles?

SB: It is really difficult to do that but day by day I’m trying to make the youths who join weightlifting to be positive always and do not expect change in 1 or 2 years but more than that. They have to change their mindset and be patient.

TP: What is your wish for weightlifting in Seychelles

SB: My 1st wish that I always wanted for weightlifting in Seychelles is for NSC to fix our gym and it’s atmosphere. It demotivates you sometimes because of the way things are. Even when you are training you have to go control whatever is going on outside. Sometimes the things they do are really unpleasant. I suggest that if they restrict this area from the public would be great.