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A total of 35 parcels at Perseverance are ready allocation, the infrastructure having been laid. All are being sold at subsidized prices. This was revealed in the National Assembly Tuesday by the Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport- (MHILT) Ms Pamela Charlette who said the project is significant for the central Mahe region, where land is scarce.

The Minister said land at Perseverance is being allocated under 3 schemes.
1- Social housing- for persons who do not have the financial means to build a house on their own and depend on Government to do so for them.
2- Condominiums, which are built for government by the private sector, targeting professionals, who have more financial means to purchase or obtain loans from commercial banks.
3-Self financing or self-build are two other schemes also targeting applicants who can afford to build their own homes.
Minister Charlette said that through self-financing, applicants who fund their own construction, must abide by the Housing Mater Plan, already approved. Applicants are allocated land, which is between 130 and 150 square meters. On average, she said plots rarely exceed 150 square meters.
Minister Charlette said a total 139 persons have already benefitted. It is usual for government to lay the infrastructures- roads, water and electricity before sale to applicants.
The Minister also told the Assembly that the Land Bank also has provisions for telecommunication, including cable television, centralized sewage system, drainage system and land is already levelled and ready to build.
Minister Charlette noted that since all such facilities are already on site, it is easier and cheaper to build at Perseverance compared to land in other districts. She added that in such high-density residential areas, it is normal to build Ground -plus attic
The Minister told the Assembly that the size and location of land for residential purposes are guided by certain criteria.
In ‘High-Density’ areas, including Eden Island -150-200 square meters; Zil Soley 180-200; Roche Caiman- 200-300 square meters; Perseverance- 280-300 square meters and there are other places with similar characteristics.
She said consideration is, however, taken if a parcel is less than 400 square meters and its topography cannot support a drainage system.
Minister Charlette said that for areas declared medium density, parcels are normally not less than 600 square meters.
For low density areas, this is not less than 1,200 square meters.
In zones deemed to be ‘environmentally sensible’ the size of the parcel is determined by a site study.
The MHILT Minister was also asked about concerns expressed by several applicants who have qualified for a plot of land, but have been offered 300 square meters or less at Perseverance. She replied that the letters of offer of parcels on the Land Bank are clear and do not encourage any exchange. She said that the merits of the applicant, who may be dissatisfied with a parcel offered, is carefully assessed to ascertain the impact if any on allocation.
Minister Charlette said that on Perseverence, there are only 7 applicants who have formally refused parcels allocated to them.
She said that it is not normal for the procedure of land allocation to be delayed.
The MHILT Minister was also asked about land allocation at Barbarons. She said that in all land allocations, including Perseverance and Barbarons, some applicants did not take part in drawing lots to decide which parcel they shall be allocated. She said these included exchange of land and also applicants who had already paid for their land before the points system became effective ion 2017.