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  • Seychelles Weekly 19 March 2020

‘Boniface Predicts President Faure’s Defeat… and the start of a New Age of Unity, Justice and Humanity in Seychelles’

Finalman apre 3 an i annan nou ki sorti an karantenn Langleter! Malerezman zot ankor malad avek sa ‘viris baro State House’ e karantenn pou bezwen ganny enpoze ankor lo zot ziska 2025. Sa ‘lafors’ demonik evil cult ki pe rod nou, zis esper nou dan sa gran kontour zot a trouv nou!!! I pou tro bokou, Nou Dan 2020 la!
Nou ganny dir ki “In a few months’ time, President Danny Faure, the last leading cheer leader and promoter of dictator Rene’s evil cult, will finally be removed from power; and our people will finally be free to begin working together to build the New Age of Unity, Justice and Humanity that our nation is yearning for.
When DF became President in 2016, he too jumped on the Unity bandwagon, rebranding himself as the new cool messiah who’s come to bring Unity and Justice for all our people.
Last month, in his SONA 20, he topped up his game with a new batch of very tempting golden promises, including the famous Tata Data, which he believes will seduce enough voters to win him victory in the coming Presidential elections.
Unfortunately for DF, this is not going to happen….. Our country urgently needs leaders who have the Moral Courage and Willingness to respect and promote the Moral Values and the Rule of Law of a real democratic country.
Morality is the only force that we can all share and respect; and it is as such the only force that can bring Unity and Prosperity for all our people, despite our political differences.”
Mr. ‘Bones’, Sesel i bezwen tou son zanfan; nothing more, nothing less ki tou son zanfan. But we also need proper leadership. Liberate yourself from the utopia that there exist ‘a real democratic country’; pa egziste sa! All societies are on the ‘Road to Denmark’. Pa egziste Lesyel lo later- sa i de diferan dimansyon. Fodre omwen ou pe dir nou ki ou en converted utopia/communist? Zet en regar ‘Mr. Bones’ lo tou sa 4 prezidan- kote zot sorti??? Tousala desandans ‘zonm lib’!
En sipor pour kandida Danny Faure i en vot pour Lavenir Sesel- pour Lape, Linite e Prosperite. Ekriven Sanjaya Baru i dir nou ki “The challenge of leadership in a plural democracy is to construct policies that ensure political stability, social equity, and economic progress on the basis of a widely shared ethical and cultural foundation.” Permet mwan partaz en refleksyon avek ou ‘Mr. Bones’ par Prezidan Lyndon B. Johnson- “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
I senpleman pour sa rezon letan nou zet en regar dan sa 4 pake pretandan, ki lepep Seselwa i senserman krwar ki “The Future is Faure 2020 and Beyond!!!!”

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What is the Covid-19 Virus Really Teaching us?

I’m a strong believer that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, whether that is what we perceive as being good or being bad.
As I meditate upon this, I want to share with you what I feel the Corona/ Covid-19 virus is really doing to us:
1) It is reminding us that we are all equal, regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial situation or how famous we are. This disease treats us all equally, perhaps we should to. If you don’t believe me, just ask Tom Hanks.
2) It is reminding us that we are all connected and something that affects one person has an effect on another. It is reminding us that the false borders that we have put up have little value as this virus does not need a passport. It is reminding us, by oppressing us for a short time, of those in this world whose whole life is spent in oppression.
3) It is reminding us of how precious our health is and how we have moved to neglect it through eating nutrient poor manufactured food and drinking water that is contaminated with chemicals upon chemicals. If we don’t look after our health, we will, of course, get sick.
(Bill Gates)

“We the people shall rise up to the occasion in spite of all the odds! We are not down and out … don’t dare make that mistake!”

Lepep i Note, Lepep i kontinyen Note, nepli martir bann demagozi politik!



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